Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Got Belly?

I have been busy the last couple of months growing a very impressive belly. Babies are doing great. In all honestly - this pregnancy has been very charmed. But definitely feeling the weight of a new ever-expanding stomach. I have less than 8 weeks left. We have been busy setting up a nursery and getting things in order before our world changes. Here is a shot to document the last few weeks of the pregnancy.

30 Weeks (with twins - I feel like I need to tell people this fact )

A few things to note at this point.

1) Black does help you look a bit thinner. Trust me. I saw myself in a picture with a colored top and almost died from shock that I looked so big! Lexi helped me retake this picture.

2) My forearms look exceptionally beefy in this shot. Like I am a construction worker or such profession.

3) I still have EIGHT weeks left to grow babies. I want to go for 8 more weeks. It is better for the babies but not so good for my self esteem in pictures :)

4) Currently each baby has an estimated weight of 3+ lbs. Lexi pointed out that I am as big as she was when she delivered her baby. Which is true - he was 7 lbs. Which leads to this question - what if each baby weighs 7 lbs? Where will that weight distribute? Maybe my forearms?

5) My bottom looks very flat in this shot - not the case - it is the shirt. But I won't lie. My bottom has gotten big. Kind of like what is going on with the forearms.

6) I am having a hard time breathing. This could be because I am breathing for 3 people right now and my lungs have now been crushed upwards. I am just glad to be living at sea level. How do people breathe when pregnant with twins and living at high altitude?

7) I wear support hose. Like an 80 year old woman and I LOVE THEM. I have noticed that being cute is much less important now. I have to stand a lot for work and my feet have started to swell. Comfort over cuteness. This could explain why I am wearing crocs and sweats a lot. They are just more comfortable. I have a hard time bending over - so flats and slip-ons have been taking priority in my life.

8) I have a pair of skinny jeans. Which is ironic because I am not skinny but seeing how my legs have put on the least amount of weight (see support hose comment) - I feel the need to at least showcase them.

9) Someone asked me about pregnancy cravings. And my answer is this - FOOD. All kinds of food. And ice cold water. I haven't gotten heartburn, no throwing up - nothing. Which makes food so much more appealing. Hmmm. Food. Everything simply tastes better when you are pregnant.

10) I can feel the babies moving A LOT. Their movements are being visible to the naked eye, which is a bit disturbing. It is also disturbing that both babies instinctively can sense when I am getting ready to rest or relax and they start dancing the macarena in my belly. They kick hard now. How hard are they going to kick in a few weeks?

Okay okay, on a more serious note - Darren and I are very excited to meet our baby boy and girl when they decide to make an entrance into the world. We are rushing to make plans to have everything ready in case they decide to make an early appearance. We have been fortunate that so many people have been so generous with their baby gear - clothes, cribs, glider - the list goes on forever. We are feeling set. Kind of.

Before our little people get here I wanted to document the last year and the last decade. The next few posts will be related to that. I was going through some pictures and can't believe how much change this past decade has brought. If it is any indication, the next decade will be pretty exciting.