Sunday, March 13, 2011


I haven't forgotten about the world outside our little home. I have just been a bit distracted. I have tw0 10 month old distractions. Fun distractions but they have kept me on my toes. We both have teeth (Henry has 4 teeth, Lily has 2). We both crawl! (Henry started on December 30, 2010 and Lily on February 12, 2011). We eat real food! We have had ear infections that won't go away and stomach flu visiting us - all of us are looking forward to a fun, HEALTHY spring and summer when we are spending a lot of time outdoors.

Here is a little taste of what we look like now:

Enjoying a little Saturday morning avocado toast. What was really special was how they managed to scrape the avocado off the toast and wipe it everywhere - hair, hands and face - not a lot actually made it into the mouth. They were pretty tired of the camera. They just wanted to eat in peace.

This is the best shot to show off how much food is on this guy's face. What a mess! Luckily his cuteness helps situations like this.

Lily hasn't been feeling well. She has had an ear infection since January. She is finishing her 4th (yes - fourth) round of antibiotics and we are hoping that the fourth time is the charm? She is pretty much saying. Please remove this camera. I don't feel well and I'm eating. What more do you want from me?

On a more serious note - this last week I have been thinking of Kim Beck and her little family of five children. I don't know Kim personally, but I know her sister Heather, who is a beautiful person inside and out. What I know about Kim - she seems to be the same way. I heard about her accident through Facebook and since then I have held my children a little closer. I love being a mother. I love being their mother. When my Mom passed away and I was old enough to be on my own, but it still felt too soon. My heart aches for her family, who lost their beautiful mother at such a young age. You can read Kim's story and donate to her family HERE.