Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That was Then - 2000

My apologies if people thought my last post was a little worrisome. I was trying to be funny but I think I sounded a little tired/done with pregnancy. I am pretty tired, but not done with the pregnancy. Yet. (This could change at any moment :))

I did want to document the last decade with a picture to represent each year.

Here is the year 2000:

My sister Misha and I are in old town Jerusalem. We were part of the BYU study abroad program in the Summer 2 Group of 2000. We were actually one of the last groups that were able to attend a normal semester before it was closed down for a few years. We considered ourselves very lucky to be a part of the group. In all honestly it was Misha who made this experience happen. She was the one who reminded me to fill out paperwork, deadlines, forwarded me information on student loans.

Because of her efforts the trip was simply - INCREDIBLE. It was incredible to travel through the Holy Land but there were also great teachers, classmates that became lifelong friends, and about 14 rolls of film to document how much we managed to laugh on this trip. It was simply FUN. And made more fun by having an automatic friend to share it with.

Strange fact - Darren was a part of the Summer 1 Group. His group left a few days before our party arrived. Maybe things would have been different if we had crossed paths a few years earlier? Hmmm. I wonder if I would have been mature enough to realize that this is the guy I was going to marry? Probably not. Although I was in college, I still had a lot to learn.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


As the weeks of pregnancy increase - so does a grumpiness factor. This is a direct result of walking funny, not getting a lot of sleep and realizing that you are really too tired to do anything but take naps and eat ice cream.

This was the week that I really started to notice that pregnancy has to only last 4o weeks, because there would be a higher murder rate in the world if it went any longer. With that said, I would like debut a helpful list. These comments have all been made to me in the past week.

Top 5 Comments/Questions That Could Shorten Your Life
This is a very last trimester-pregnancy-specific list. But a valid one that could save lives if they were avoided.

1) You are HUGE.
Really it could be any word related to size - enormous, gigantic, etc. Really? I am? I didn't notice that I was huge when it takes me a solid minute to get out of bed. To get out of bed, I have to do a crazy rocking motion and then use my legs for momentum. Due to my huge size. Thanks for the update buddy.

2) You look like you could burst.
I know I do. I feel like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory who had to be de-juiced to save her life. ("Violet - you're turning violet!") Again - these obvious statements really don't get a chuckle. They get a death glare from the pregnant lady.

3) You have to be ready to deliver any day!
No, actually I still have 3 weeks. But thanks for the reminder that I LOOK as though I am 40 weeks pregnant.

4) You look miserable.
This one is conditional. I had this comment made to me when I had actually made an attempt to look cute - somewhat do my hair and put on make-up and an ensemble that didn't include sweats and Crocs. Physically I am pretty darn tired, but I look miserable? I was trying to look happy. What do I look like when I don't try? Probably worse. :)

5) Are you having twins?/You have to be pregnant with twins!
Luckily for these people, I AM PREGNANT WITH TWINS, but what if I wasn't? What if my body just gets this big when I get pregnant next time with one baby? That comment would probably make me feel pretty bad. As of right now, it is just slightly irritating.

The only disclaimer to this list is a friend/loved one trying to be funny. As if you knew they were joking. For example - the husband can make those comments because it is his pregnancy too and he has a lawful obligation to love my body and the changes it is experiencing. If Darren told me I was huge, I would agree. Then ask him to get a bowl of ice cream for me - to which he would happily oblige. No hard feelings. The check out guy at Home Depot does not get the same consideration.

I am going to write out a helpful list of comments/questions that are kinder and less life-threatening.

Top 5 Comments/Questions That Are Perfectly Acceptable

1) When are you due?
This is a safe comment. But can only be followed with a surprised tone like - "Wow - you are almost there - you don't look like it!" Please don't say - "Wow - you look like you are much further along."

2) Are you having a boy or girl?
This is an easy question and you can focus on the cute baby/babies, not their huge mama.

3) You look incredible!
I know that in most of the cases when I hear this term - it isn't true. But guess what? It is SO NICE TO HEAR. So just tell a white lie and spare the pregnant lady.

4) Are you so excited for your baby/babies to come?
Again, focus on the babies. 99.9% of the time you won't go wrong. (There is a .01% failure rate, but it is very very rare).

5) I hope you are just relaxing and getting rest.
Why thank you. Sleeping is about the only thing I can manage to do :) And not even that well. So I take a lot of naps and drink a lot of cold water.

I bring up the grumpy comments because I had a "situation" this week. I had to get my teeth cleaned. The appointment was early in the morning and I had a rather sleepless night. I had to do that rocking motion thing to get out of bed and physically I was a little worn out. But I got up. Got dressed and lumbered to my appointment.

As soon as I walked in, there were a lot of questions and comments asking about due dates, sexes of the baby/babies. Not a problem. I don't have a problem with those questions at all. They are from kind, curious strangers. I told the ladies working the front desk that I was expecting a boy and girl. That comment usually causes a bit of excitement and again, I was tired, but I didn't mind it. These women were very sweet and excited except for one of them that asked this - "So, are they real twins? Or did a doctor have to help you?"

I can deal with rude people fairly well, but my filter is a little loose when I am really tired. Throw in some hormones, and it could get downright dangerous. Those questions were rude. She had hit on two things.

1) REAL TWINS? I have been carrying 2 babies for almost 9 months. They feel pretty REAL to me!
2) NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS old lady wearing Tinkerbell scrubs! I don't know you. So I don't want to discuss my medical past with you. Just focus on the health of my teeth.

It literally took me about 20 seconds to answer her because I was soooooo irritated. And for a second I thought - Since I am growing/creating two lives right now - doesn't that give me the right to end a life? Especially this one?

Eventually, I put away all of the inappropriate comments that I REALLY wanted to say and simply told her the truth. "Well, we had some trouble getting pregnant. We had to get a little help." Then I stopped talking for fear that something mean would come out.

After my teeth cleaning, I went hope and decided the best medicine for a morning like that was sleep. And maybe a bath, followed by another nap. And food.

This is what my shadow looks like at 35 weeks pregnant. I will post some happier thoughts this week along with some belly pictures, but I thought that even my shadow looks a little funny. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

34 weeks

Today is a big day. Actually today is regular and I am BIG. :) I am 34 weeks pregnant. Babies are measuring 4 plus pounds each. And here are a few pictures to document the last few weeks.

Here I am at 32 weeks pregnant:

That shirt is not actually a maternity shirt but has now become a maternity shirt because I have stretched it into submission. Horizontal stripes probably do me no favors but it is very very long and covers the underpart of my belly - which some things simply can't reach. 32 weeks pregnant at 32 years of age. Wow.

Here I am at 33 weeks pregnant:

I am not small. The belly may not look bigger in this shot but let me assure you. It has grown. Surprisingly without stretch marks.

I haven't taken a picture of 34 weeks yet - I need to be a bit cuter than I currently am right now before we get the camera out again.

Here are the top 10 things I have learned about pregnancy:

1) Strangers touch your belly. For some reason, most of them are in the grocery store. Not sure why. But it is uncomfortable when a person you don't know touches you. I wonder how they would react if I told them I wasn't pregnant and it was a tumor or something? Hmmm.

2) Touching is totally fine if you actually know the person. If I know the person, it ISN'T uncomfortable. Almost like they are giving you a hug or something when they touch your belly. Almost as strange as number 1.

3) People are WAAAAAY nicer to pregnant people. I often have people offer to carry things, let me sit down earlier at restaurants, start casual conversation with me - simply because people are nice. And particularly more nice to pregnant ladies. But really - family members, church members, co-workers - everyone wants you sitting down and resting. I find that most of these people have personally been pregnant or had a spouse be pregnant - so they understand how a woman can become winded when she bends down to slip on her Crocs. Yeah. I wear Crocs and they are LOVELY.

4) I knew your feet would get swollen but I have NO IDEA that this included conditions like, Foot Muffin Top (thanks Heather Warren for coining the term). This happened to me last weekend when we were going to a reception. The dresses still fit (a small miracle) but I tried on 20 pairs of shoes and I looked like I had replaced my bony feet with Miss Piggy's feet. The end result was either flip flops or driving to Target to buy some fat flats for the reception. Since I am emotionally not to the point where I am comfortable wearing flip flops to church or events - we stopped at Target on the way. I am sure that emotionally I will be there in a very very short time.

5) Parts of your body actually jiggle. Parts that didn't/shouldn't jiggle. LIKE MY FEET AND ANKLES. Yeah, I feel small jiggling tremors coming from them. And it is disturbing.

6) The belly doesn't stop growing until the babies are actually delivered. I know that may seem like a no brainer, but when you are looking at your belly in the mirror - there is a part of you that thinks - this thing can't possibly get any bigger - can it? Guess what everyone? It CAN GET BIGGER. And it is getting bigger every day.

7) Stretch Marks haven't happened. YET. I am not saying that to brag. I am saying that because I am genuinely surprised by this small miracle. Genetically my Mom helped me out. But she can only help me up to a certain point because I am pregnant with twins and I am venturing into some unchartered territory in our family. SO I am expecting stretch marks. Because I think I'll be pregnant for another 4 weeks (unless some complication arises) and like I said in number 6 - the belly doesn't actually stop growing until the babies come out. So I won't be disappointed if they show up. I am patiently awaiting their arrival.

8) I actually want the babies to stay in as long as possible. I know that I am uncomfortable right. But I think I'll be a LOT more uncomfortable when I am up all night nursing, changing diapers and at my home for the first 2 months.

9) Nesting is a REAL condition. Where all of a sudden you have this overwhelming desire to redecorate, clean and do every project you have intended to do in the last decade in the course of a few days. Luckily I have been blessed with a husband that is just going with it and helping me complete this list. In the back of my mind I know I will not get much done as soon as the babies arrive. I am just going to be tired and enjoying babies. So I am a whirlwind of activity right now.

10) I am fairly certain that all of the books in the world can't prepare me for how crazy/fun life will be when our babies make their appearance. I have been reading the books. They elude to certain things but I am sure that nothing can prepare us for that moment. We are excited but there is a sense of fearfulness as well. I almost wish there was a book that gave instructions like - "When they put the babies in your arms, you will probably think - Oh my gosh - I'm a parent! Followed by an emotion that is like - what did I just get myself into? And that feeling will never quite go away - especially when they turn 16 and borrow the car on Friday night. Or they discover a sharpie and play tic-tac-toe on your couch." I might have to write such a book because in my mind THAT would be incredibly helpful.

Despite the last comment, we are very very excited about our little people. It is hard to believe they are going to be ours. With no return policies :)