Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day to Day Pics

Most of the day I don't have my hands free. Literally. Sometimes I'll have one hand free. If I do have a free second, it is to shower, comb my hair, put on deodorant and actually get dressed. I typically don't call people and I sometimes cannot answer the door BUT I get emails from Darren asking what the babies are doing, so I started taking pictures of them with my iPhone. The quality is not great but it works because the camera can be operated with one hand and I can email the photo directly to the Dad.

Here are a LOT of shots from the first month of their life:

Lily's first outing in the car seat. She looks so serious.

She was upset at these pants I put on her. They ride up like an old lady

Yeah! Henry is home! And showing off his adorable dimple.

This is how these guys typically sleep. Right next to each other. Henry on the left, Lily on the right

This is their first photoshoot with Aunt Lesli and Aunt Elizabeth. More of those photos to come.

Henry showing off his stripes. I was hoping the horizontal stripes with fatten up his little string bean body.

Mommy is VERY happy if this is how the babies are acting. Both mellow and down for a bit so she can eat/shower/dress herself.

Henry is showing off his cool outfit that cousin Issac lent him.

This was a day that both of this kiddos were very naughty. And as a result - all 3 of us cried for the majority of the day. Eventually they fell asleep and before I collapsed next to them, I took this picture. Hard to believe they could cause that much trouble. :)

Once in a while, I'll get a smile :) And a little laugh. It is starting to happen more.

This is what it looks like when you take a picture of a baby sleeping on your chest. Hard angle but soooo fabulous.

Sometimes it is hard to be patient. Some of us handle it better than others. Not naming names.

One month checkup! They had to get all naked for their weigh in.

Sometimes we spit up on Daddy (Henry)

When Henry has furrowed brows like that - it is usually a clear indication that Mommy took too long with his bottle.

This is a misleading picture of Lillian. While she is growing an impressive pot belly, this picture makes her look like the most adorable chunky baby ever. But she still pretty darn small. Starting to fill out though. And that SMILE! What a cute little Buddha.

Not to be outdone - Henry gave me a little smile right as he was falling asleep. He is so full.

More to come next month.

One Month

So the one month mark has come and gone. We've all survived :) Especially the tired Mommy and Daddy.

I took these pictures on their one month day - just to document it. These are actually the outfits they were supposed to come home from the hospital in - but they were a tad too big. They are now fitting snugly and in Lily's case - a little too tight. And Henry's case - a little too short.

Here were their stats from the one month check up:

Lily 7lbs 13 oz, 20 inches long
Henry 7lbs 1 oz, 20.25 inches long

They spend a lot of their day right next to each other. What is surprising is that one baby can be crying and the other is sleeping peacefully. Let's hope that behavior keeps up!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

The first 3 weeks of motherhood seem to follow a pattern. Eat, Sleep, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, Change 10 diapers, Repeat. (There really are a lot of diapers with 2 babies). Despite the fact that such a pattern would seem monotonous, it has been fun. It it strange to think I have never had Henry and Lillian in my life before.

I have to start the pattern again in about 10 minutes (we are on a very strict schedule around here), so for your viewing pleasure - here are these guys as of this morning:


This was right before his bath and he was mellow and the light was good - so I stopped for a second to take a photo. A few things to note about Hank. He struggles with his nap sometimes. That is why he is currently in my arms as I type this one handed. He is mellow - just likes to be held and doesn't really care for sleep sometimes. Which is hard when his Mom wants to match her nap to his :) He is consistent that he really likes to fall asleep during feedings. Like he plans it out. Hmmmm.

In general - his little personality is mellow. He doesn't cry as much when he gets his diaper changed (at least compared to Lillian). He is a slow eater and burps well. He has the most adorable dimple in his left cheek (they both have a dimple in their left cheek - Henry's is a little more prominent). His nicknames include - Little Chief and Hank. This little man is so fun to have in our lives.

Here is Lillian - post bath. She was a bit ANGRY when I had her take a bath as evidenced by the following picture. (Sara and Greg - thought you would like to see your gift in action - we love it!)

Miss Lillian also has a dimple like her brother - just not as prominent. Her eyes are round, his are almond shaped. There isn't much on these two that look alike yet - but it will be so much fun when those characteristics start to show up. Personality wise - there is already a pretty marked difference. She is much much much more vocal than her brother. If she is upset about something - diaper changing, bath, even the way she is burped, she is very clear that you have wronged her in some way. Okay that sounds a bit dramatic, but it is funny to see how she will exercise her lungs at any given opportunity. She is our champion eater. Gulps her food down which is why we almost have to slow her down. And when she sleeps, she sleeps very very hard. She is very prone to smiling, especially after you have given her food. When she is awake - she is awake, or it just seems that way because her eyes are so big and looking around.

Her nicknames are currently - Miss Lillian and Lily.

And it is time for the next feeding. Time to repeat :)