Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

The first 3 weeks of motherhood seem to follow a pattern. Eat, Sleep, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, Change 10 diapers, Repeat. (There really are a lot of diapers with 2 babies). Despite the fact that such a pattern would seem monotonous, it has been fun. It it strange to think I have never had Henry and Lillian in my life before.

I have to start the pattern again in about 10 minutes (we are on a very strict schedule around here), so for your viewing pleasure - here are these guys as of this morning:


This was right before his bath and he was mellow and the light was good - so I stopped for a second to take a photo. A few things to note about Hank. He struggles with his nap sometimes. That is why he is currently in my arms as I type this one handed. He is mellow - just likes to be held and doesn't really care for sleep sometimes. Which is hard when his Mom wants to match her nap to his :) He is consistent that he really likes to fall asleep during feedings. Like he plans it out. Hmmmm.

In general - his little personality is mellow. He doesn't cry as much when he gets his diaper changed (at least compared to Lillian). He is a slow eater and burps well. He has the most adorable dimple in his left cheek (they both have a dimple in their left cheek - Henry's is a little more prominent). His nicknames include - Little Chief and Hank. This little man is so fun to have in our lives.

Here is Lillian - post bath. She was a bit ANGRY when I had her take a bath as evidenced by the following picture. (Sara and Greg - thought you would like to see your gift in action - we love it!)

Miss Lillian also has a dimple like her brother - just not as prominent. Her eyes are round, his are almond shaped. There isn't much on these two that look alike yet - but it will be so much fun when those characteristics start to show up. Personality wise - there is already a pretty marked difference. She is much much much more vocal than her brother. If she is upset about something - diaper changing, bath, even the way she is burped, she is very clear that you have wronged her in some way. Okay that sounds a bit dramatic, but it is funny to see how she will exercise her lungs at any given opportunity. She is our champion eater. Gulps her food down which is why we almost have to slow her down. And when she sleeps, she sleeps very very hard. She is very prone to smiling, especially after you have given her food. When she is awake - she is awake, or it just seems that way because her eyes are so big and looking around.

Her nicknames are currently - Miss Lillian and Lily.

And it is time for the next feeding. Time to repeat :)


Whitny said...

Oh Nikki. It is so wonderful. Too amazing. The babies are so cute and tiny oh i love it. The pictures are beautiful. Did you get fancy new camera.?

kentandnellie said...

I love them! They are simple adorable.

Warren G said...

henry misses being snuggled in my neck, i can tell by the pic. they are so beautiful and perfect. i will borrow them anytime!

Team Caldwell said...

So unbelievably adorable! Did I already tell you I worked for a Lillian and she went by lulu even in her 50's! They really are fantastic. Can't wait to meet them someday.

Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

I came over to you from Stephanie's blog. Your babies are so, so cute! It's amazing how much personality a little person can have?! Here's hoping you get some rest :)

s g said...

oh they are just precious and I feel honored to have our gift featured on the blog :) these pics and sounds like lily and char have a lot in common, her shrilling screams still get our attention...maybe its a female thing!!

glad you are alive and well, I hope you get some zzz's today :)

Katie said...

Nikki they are so cute! Especially Miss Lillian, what a little doll baby-but you know me, I'm prone to princesses ;-) I hear ya with being vocal, it must be a girl thing!

LambAround said...

Aaaaaw! I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading your updates. I'm happy to see that they are doing well :)


kristy said...

Nikki, these are the most beautiful babies. I'm so happy for you and Darren!! Lillian & Henry are so darling. It sounds like you are settling in to the crazy ride of newbornland. I miss you and send my love and want to come and see you and the babies soon! I have some little gifts for them and you :)

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