Friday, July 30, 2010


We have achieved our first ponytail - our big girl!!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010


This was a HUGE day. We had our first laughs! From both babies - first Lily, then Hanky. They were both very highly entertained by Aunt Jacque - but let's face it - who isn't? :) And they were real belly laughs - not these namsy pamsy grunt/laughs that babies make in their sleep.

I feel like this is such a fun new chapter - laughing babies.



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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blessing Day

This may come as a surprise - but I am a tad behind on the blog. I have been way too busy watching my little guys grow up! And I need to post about their blessing day - which was the 4th of July (how great is that seriously?). Henry was lucky enough to wear his Daddy's blessing outfit (can you even deal with how fabulous that little hat is?). Lily had a new white dress that Mommy was relieved fit her.

Darren did an incredible job and the babies behaved themselves accordingly :) In his blessings he talked about the babies heritage and various family members whose qualities he hoped they would have. So it was a nice little surprise in testimony meeting when one of the first people to give their testimonies was someone who knew my mother from the colonies! It was wonderful. It is always so fun to meet people who knew my Mom. She was pretty darn unforgettable.

Here are some of the pictures from the blessing day:

Grandpa and Grandma Harris - with Hank, Lily, Daddy and Mommy

The Harris/Brown clan that attended the blessing.

Our little family. "Are you kidding me? We have ourselves a family here!" (Raising Arizona)

The Brown/Harris men that participated in blessing.

(From left) Uncle Casey, Uncle Tim, Grandad Harris, Lily, Darren, Henry, Uncle Morgan, Uncle Dave, Uncle Stephen, Uncle Jon.

The rest of the day we spent at Morgan and Elizabeth's house - eating our body weight in food and Izze sodas. Later that afternoon we loaded up 5 cars (not kidding) of people and went down to the Mormon Battalion center in San Diego. One of the Harris ancestors - Robert Harris was in the Mormon Battalion and they had recently renovated the museum. (Henry's middle name is Robert - after this ancestor Robert Harris).

The museum was incredible and the company really can't be matched.
It really was the perfect way to spend out 4th of July - despite the freezing whether. It really felt more like November than July. Sorry out of town visitors!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two Months

Two months? What? My babies are getting big. The two month mark came and went and in the process my babies are not as newborn looking anymore. Boo. It's great and sad all at the same time. Here are their stats from the doctor:

9lbs even
21 inches long
38cm head circumference
5th percentile for weight
10th percentile for head size

Here's what our little Henry is like. SOOOOO adorable. Our little man. That little dimple of his is going to get him out of a lot of hot water when he's older. He talks and gives big huge gummy smiles. He holds up his head really well and has mastered the art of stiffening his back when I am trying to burp him. He is happy around people and he likes to just watch what's going on. He has a really sad/adorable cry. It is sad like a little whimper - then he runs out of air and does the silent cry. It is harder to hear him cry than Lillian. Luckily he is typically just a really happy baby who likes to coo and talk and stare at you deeply. Be still my heart. His nicknames have now extended to Hanky Panky.

9lbs 12 oz
21 inches long
38 cm head circumference
10th percentile for weight
25th percentile for head size

Our little Lillian is such a fun little lady. She has this fabulous little smile where she scrunches up her nose and her smile almost splits her face in half. It is fabulous and already seems full of mischief. She has her Daddy wrapped around her finger. She is less mellow than her brother. She can go from incredibly happy to incredibly sad in zero to sixty. She also talks to us very intently and she has a contagious laugh. She is also very good at holding her head up and exercising her neck. She loves to be held. She is not particular at this point as to who holds her as long as it is happening. If she had her way - she would be held all of the time. But there are times when that simply is not possible. So sorry baby girl. She likes to make eye contact and if she is in a good mood will break into a huge smile. If she is sad - she'll squeeze out a crocidile tear and stick out that bottom lip. Her nicknames have grown to include Silly Lily.

They are almost 3 months and I am just getting around to posting these - oh well. Life has been a bit busy.

This is what I have learned in the last 2 months:

- It is normal to have fantasies about taping a pacifier to your baby's face. Not to torture, but just so you don't have to replace it. Every. Five. Seconds.

- Blow-outs happen. At least once a day. Sometimes you can save the clothes, sometimes not.

- Wet wipes - what did people do before wet wipes? I luff them.

- Baby bjorns - they enable me to carry one baby in the carrier and the other one in my left arm. I am now capable of doing a lot with one hand.

- My back/neck hurt a lot now that I am trucking 2 babies around.

- Sometimes the babies cry. And by sometimes I mean they seem to cry a lot. It feels like there is always one who is a bit more upset. They are taking turns.

- The babies are now aware if you are around or not. Sometimes they cry and when I walk in and look at them - they promptly stop and give me a big smile. BIggest culprit in the Harris home? Hanky. Little stinker.

- Schedules make everything better. Especially the hours from 8pm until about midnight.

- If you have a hands free pump - it is possible to pump while you are driving. I wouldn't do that myself. I have just HEARD of people doing that. :)

I'm sure I've learned a lot more than that - but seriously - this is all I've got tonight. Just a little bit tired.

Here are their two month shots.