Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blessing Day

This may come as a surprise - but I am a tad behind on the blog. I have been way too busy watching my little guys grow up! And I need to post about their blessing day - which was the 4th of July (how great is that seriously?). Henry was lucky enough to wear his Daddy's blessing outfit (can you even deal with how fabulous that little hat is?). Lily had a new white dress that Mommy was relieved fit her.

Darren did an incredible job and the babies behaved themselves accordingly :) In his blessings he talked about the babies heritage and various family members whose qualities he hoped they would have. So it was a nice little surprise in testimony meeting when one of the first people to give their testimonies was someone who knew my mother from the colonies! It was wonderful. It is always so fun to meet people who knew my Mom. She was pretty darn unforgettable.

Here are some of the pictures from the blessing day:

Grandpa and Grandma Harris - with Hank, Lily, Daddy and Mommy

The Harris/Brown clan that attended the blessing.

Our little family. "Are you kidding me? We have ourselves a family here!" (Raising Arizona)

The Brown/Harris men that participated in blessing.

(From left) Uncle Casey, Uncle Tim, Grandad Harris, Lily, Darren, Henry, Uncle Morgan, Uncle Dave, Uncle Stephen, Uncle Jon.

The rest of the day we spent at Morgan and Elizabeth's house - eating our body weight in food and Izze sodas. Later that afternoon we loaded up 5 cars (not kidding) of people and went down to the Mormon Battalion center in San Diego. One of the Harris ancestors - Robert Harris was in the Mormon Battalion and they had recently renovated the museum. (Henry's middle name is Robert - after this ancestor Robert Harris).

The museum was incredible and the company really can't be matched.
It really was the perfect way to spend out 4th of July - despite the freezing whether. It really felt more like November than July. Sorry out of town visitors!

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CoCo said...

Are you kidding me. The family shots of the Darren-Nikki clan -- little Lily's face in the first one!!!!! And Hank's spider monkey legs in the second one!!!! My heart is happy.