Tuesday, November 9, 2010

6 Months

Let it be known. Hanky really likes Lily's hair. Here is further proof:

Do you remember when my babies turned 6 months and I didn't post about it? I do. Technically their 6 month mark was a few weeks ago but we are posting about it today. To celebrate the momentous 6 month mark - I took the babies to get their shots! Woohoo! Party. The babies were good but it left them a little sluggish, feverish and tired. Then we had a few viruses, ear infections and grouchy babies and mommy. But we are on the mend now!

Here are their stats:

Height: 27 inches (50-75%)
Weight: 16lbs. 5oz. (90%)
Head Circumference: 44cm (75-90%)

Height: 26.5 inches (50%)
Weight: 16lbs (25%)
Head Circumference: 43.5 (50%)

Here is 6 things for each baby.

1) Lily loves to point her toes. She has them pointed when she jumps in the jumperoo. She has them pointed when she gets her diaper changed and when she is excited for someone to pick her up. I love looking at her little pointed toes. She reminds me of a ballerina. (The pointing made it very easy for them to measure her. She just straightened out her body, pointed her toes and she was measured in no time). She also has a talent of clapping her little feet together.

2) Lily has this shock of hair on the top of her head that grows straight forward. Bows help for a bit but it always starts shifting forward. I try to comb it when its wet and hold it in place but her hair is as stubborn as she is. Straight and forward it will be :)

3) She is our little butterball. She has fabulously chubby thighs and arms. She is only 5 oz heavier than Hanky, but I was told by my pediatrician that girls are usually smaller. She gulps down her bottle in one swoop and I can't make eye contact with her while I am feeding her because she would much prefer to talk with me and giggle than eat. Which is saying a lot. She really likes food.

4) She is our social lady. Loves to be held. If she could talk I would imagine she would say this "Please hold me all the time." She will go to ANYONE to be held. And while she is held - she is kicking her legs and pointing her toes. Almost any time she is crying she will instantly stop when she is picked up. Hmmm. Tough to do when there are two babies. She also babbles all the time - talking to herself, Hanky, Mom, Dad.

5) She laughs. And laughs. And laughs some more. She has even started to do a fake laugh. Which is pretty funny to watch. And she loves kids. She and Hanky will both laugh and laugh for kids in a way they won't do for Mommy and Daddy.

6) She is a pretty intense baby. If you are eating something she is intently watching you the food and reaching out her fingers grabbing it. Lately when I pick her up - she grabs my face with her little hands and pulls it forward for her to plant her mouth on my cheek, chin, mouth, forehead, nose. She is not picky but very determined.

1) Hanky is a talker. He says dadadadadada over and over and over. When he is upset he switches from talking to high pitch screaming mode. Which doesn't sound as though it would be funny, but it really is.

2) He is our MOVER. He rolls both directions and has rolled off the changing table (one of the worst moments in mine and Henry's lives). He is constantly trying to wiggle out of anything - crib, car seat, bouncy, stroller. He is even starting to sit up!!!

3) He is a gourmet eater. Which is frustrating when there 2 babies to feed. But he'll eat an ounce and wait 1o minutes. Then eat 2 ounces. Let it settle, then he'll eat again. Basically it takes an hour of waiting and attempts to get this kid to finish a bottle. It does not matter how hungry he is or how much I give him. He typically won't finish a bottle in one go. But maybe it is helping his metabolism? Smaller meals throughout the day?

4) He is a smiler. He smiles and his smile takes up all of his face. His nose, his eye get all squinty, his mouth splits open and reveals great big gums and drool. And don't get me started on those dimples!

5) He is my shy little guy. He is happy baby but he is starting to notice Mom and Dad and those who are NOT Mom and Dad. He gets a little nervous and a few times has burst into tears when someone (other than mom or dad) are holding him. When strangers talk to us - his eyes get big and it takes just a little while for him to warm up.

6) He is my early riser. If I hear a baby wake up in the morning - and right now it has been daylight savings time which is awesome for babies internal clocks - I know it is Henry. He is up and wanting to be picked up. And truthfully - he just wants to be in bed with Mom and Dad. I bring him back to bed and he is more than happy to lay in between us while we sleep babbling away. I think he gets that sleeplessness from his Daddy.

This is how Hank and Lily do 6 months!

Our serious man. And his cheeks that turn rosy from his naps.

Lily doing the "happy baby" pose.

She is laughing. I managed to catch one non-blurry shot.

Henry - I managed to catch him mid-roll.

And another shot of this little guy. He is hard to catch still.

Lily's concentrated look. Notice her tongue sticking out.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Play Time

One of the best things about having twins is watching them interact with one another. They are getting to the age where they recognize each other and talk to each other. I'll catch them holding hands or stealing each other's pacifiers. Can you tell that they are utterly amused by each other?

And then this happens:

About 2 seconds later - we stopped taking pictures. Lily was deeply hurt that her brother would pull her hair so hard. In hindsight - he's a baby and I should have stopped him. But come on. That's a great picture, right?