Sunday, December 2, 2007

Slowing Down

I finally feel as though things are settling. In the past year a few things have happened. Here is a small example:

- Was the Relief Society President
- Had a few roommate changes
- Had a few work changes
- Started dating, got engaged and married Darren
- Went to fabulous Africa
- Planned a wedding for a bazillion people (I think that is the unit of measurement for the Brown family + the Harris family)
- Left singles ward
- Went to Kauai for my honeymoon for a much needed rest
- Joined a family ward
- Got a stake calling with my HUSBAND (love that term) for the Spanish Branch
- Currently attempting to learn Spanish

Wow. I got tired just typing that! I dont' know if my life will slow down or just stay in a fast forward speed, but we are having fun. I will write a post about the wedding soon. I need to put it in writing - I am one lucky girl...


lesli said...

spanish branch. hola!
which would you rather? spanish branch and claim you don't comprehende or r.s. president and comprehende too much!
you have had a big year. slow down a little and settle in. 2008 is bound to bring a little less rush. give your husband a kiss and a hug for me! hehe. welcome to the blogging world. such fun to have you and the big d join. for now--ciao (oh sorry that would be italian huh?)

e said...

so you were right!
spanish branch it is. you will do so well. portugese is close enought, right?

I'm so happy you are blogging. :)

Katie said...

Do me a favor, when you learn spanish, will you teach me? Hahaa! Yeah, not so good to live in Puerto Rico and not speak spanish! Glad your blog is finally up and running! Love your wedding pictures!

kristy said...

oh my goodness, girl. what a year you've had!!! i couldn't be happier for you and darren! let's have you guys over for dinner soon, want to? we love you!

Baker and Jenny said...

So, I'm ok with you in the Spanish Branch only because I still get to be your visiting teacher.. this is my second time right? Does this count for December? Just kidding!

Rookie Dad said...

Congrats guys on your big day!