Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dear baby

Dear Lily-

I truly love you and your little smile (with your tongue kind of sticking out) to bits but can you maybe turn down the charm
at 4am and work on going to back to sleep?


Your Mother

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Carolyn said...

So Sweet!

s g said...

well it just wouldn't be as fun if it wasn't at 4 am...right?? ha ha...

so fun to see Darren, and so sad to miss you and those TWINS...what will we do? guess we need to make another trip to so. cal some time very soon...I can hardly wait. we miss the OC already!!!

hope your having a great time!!

Angela Baird said... be a nice girl for your mommy, Okay???

And the laughing! How fun! I love when they start interacting more! Blessing pics are beautiful, too! They are darling and you look beautiful, Nikki! Nice work Darren! A fun, big milestone for a 1st time Dad! Cute kids!