Sunday, November 7, 2010

Play Time

One of the best things about having twins is watching them interact with one another. They are getting to the age where they recognize each other and talk to each other. I'll catch them holding hands or stealing each other's pacifiers. Can you tell that they are utterly amused by each other?

And then this happens:

About 2 seconds later - we stopped taking pictures. Lily was deeply hurt that her brother would pull her hair so hard. In hindsight - he's a baby and I should have stopped him. But come on. That's a great picture, right?


lesli said...

this is where it starts to get fun!!! such great photos. i hope you catch lots more of these. they are my favorites of that time!

sara said...

so cute. love the photos:)

Tyler and Sheree said...

LOL! That is so true. . . I love seeing your family and being in touch! Love ya Nikki!

kentandnellie said...

They are so darling! Nikki, you are such a great photographer. I need to take that class.

Amanda said...

I love that they play and pull each other's hair. So cute! And yes, you had to get that picture.

Carolyn said...

Love this!

Sherri said...

Your babies are very luck to have each other. I love my twin sister in a way that no one else can understand...unless she is also a twin. She is intertwined into all of my childhood memories...she is my childhood. We developed our own twin language as babies and didn't care if anyone else was ever able to understand us...we didn't need them.
Now,she is my best friend...more than that, she continues to be an extension of myself. Nothing that I do is complete until she knows about it...shares it with me in some way. Her kids are my kids nearly as much as my own.
I have another sister and love her dearly, but it will never be in the same way as with my twin!!
Your babies are so precious...and so lucky!

Hustar said...

hey i was browsing through your blog and i saw your wonderful children. they are very cute! =]

Alex said...

Lillys hair is ssssssssssooooooooooooooo cute i love how it looks like a little mowhak

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