Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lack Of Communication

This is a reference to my lack of effective communication with my 2 year old niece Arden. When we arrived at 10pm - she was awake because she is a party person. If there is fun anywhere in my house - she needs to be a part of it.

I had packed a free purse that someone at work had given me. It was a cheap, purple velvet number that had a heart on it. Something I would never use but perfect for a little girl. When I saw her I told her I had a present for her and proceeded to open my cosmetics bag to get the purple purse.

At that point she spotted a bag of my Kazuri beads, and exclaimed - "You brought me necklaces?????" I tried to explain that the necklaces were mine and the cheap purple purse was hers. She definitely has an eye for the more expensive item. She hardly paid any attention to her actual present. She was generous enough to let me take some pictures with all of her loot. And like the bad aunt I am - I took the necklaces back when she fell asleep in them.The purple purse is PERFECT for holding her new necklaces!

***As a sidenote I bought the Kazuri beads while in Kenya. They are handmade, hand-painted beads from a factory in Nairobi. Some of them were presents from my new family, so if there had not been a sentimental attachment, she probably would have went home with them.


linds said...

I had a pink jelly doctor's bag style purse when I was young. I loved every single second I spent with that gem. To this day I have yet to really jump on the jewelry bandwagon. Besides the occasional Juicy Bling, I don't do much jewelry. I try hard not to over accesorize. And my purse is a major accesory.

Team Caldwell said...

can't believe you gave up that awesome purse. you are a good person!