Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dropping like flies.....

So many people have been getting sick!!! My husband, sister, sister-in-laws, co-workers, neighbors - I am scared it is only a matter of time until I drop as well. This respiratory season has been terrible and from a business standpoint I love it. I sell antibiotics. I could make a killing. But as I was sitting in a doctor's office waiting to peddle some drugs, there were people hacking up lungs all around me. This particular office had a pediatrician practice as well and there were soooo many little people running around coughing on everything. Including me :) I am not typically a germophobe, but this season has kind of turned me into one.

I am now a freaky hand washer. Correction, I have always been consistent at washing hands, but now I have now taken it to a level where my hands get chapped more often than not. Every time I see one a container of hand sanitizer, I instinctively reach for it. On average, I am in 9 offices a day that doesn't even include the mini spray bottle of hand sanitizer in my car. So I am washing on the upwards of 20 plus times a day. In hopes I can kill those little guys before they take me down.

Wish me luck!

My newest best friend:


Katie said...

Hey Nikki! When I worked at the nursing home I started using the lotion hand sanitizer to keep my hands from getting chapped and it worked. I would swap between the two.

CoCo said...

Your new best friend will be the Jo Malone Vitamin E hand treatment. It is dreamy (and I'm incredibly uppity about hand lotion)!