Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Brother, The Biggest Loser?

Oh no, my brother got voted off the Biggest Loser!

Just kidding. This is Mark - one of my favorite contestants on the show. I am a fan and was bummed to see him go, but was it because he looks like my own brother so much? You decide:
I am not the only one that sees the resemblance. Let it be known, Tim is better looking and younger and never weighed upwards of 3 buck, however the grin and eyes and some facial expressions are pretty similar. When I mentioned how much they look alike to Tim, then forced him to watch an episode, I think he was offended. In his opinion, he has never been a big guy that needed to go to a fat camp to solve his bad habits. So he probably won't be too pleased with this post. :)


Morph This said...

Thanks for spoiling it for me!

Team Caldwell said...

SO I was about to say, bo don't be so mean. then i decided to blow up the photo of your bro to see and i was wrong. holy cow it is very close. Although I hated Mark and was glad to see him go. i was yelling at them for crying so hard. he was annoying. i am in it for dan and the 2 strangers to fall in love!

Tasha said...

Derek and I watch this show and as Mark began to lose more and more weight I was thinking who does this guy look like?!? Then one night I turned to Derek and said I finally realize who he reminds me of, and before I could say more Derek said "Misha's brother Tim!"

The McKell Spot said...

Nikki, This is Tasha's old roommate and Misha's friend Holly, now I know why I thought I had known Mark, He does look like Tim. How is your fam? Holly