Sunday, February 10, 2008

Love this

So I am posting a few of my loves. Seeing how this is love week and all. Of course there are some loves that everyone knows about - husband, family, religion (all in the number one spot) but I want to talk about a few of my favorite things. That maybe everyone might NOT know about.

1st love - Books.

And I mean any book. Whether it be scripture or children's book, cook books, fantasy, sci-fi, romance novels, magazines, instruction manuals - I simply love words. It is rare (or a terrible book) if I don't finish a book within a day or two. It helped that my parents are reading junkies as well. In fact, I don't think I have every seen my Dad without a book in his back pocket.

For every reader there is one book in their past that lit the passion for reading. For me - it was "Little House in the Woods" by Laura Ingalls. I was in first grade and I still remember how exciting it was to imagine the story of a little girl in the Wisconsin woods. From there I was a junkie.
Does anyone else still read children's books? (Harry Potter does not count - but I read that too) I still have a slew of them in my bookcase that I will crack open to read my favorite parts again. Some of my favorites from my little years:

- Anne of Green Gables series
- The Little House on the Prairie series
- A Little Princess
- A Wrinkle in Time
- Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
- The Little Lame Prince
- The Great Brain series
- Holes (okay I bought that as an adult - I still buy kids books. No judgment please)
- Summer of the Monkeys (simply amazing)

As I have gotten older, I have found some authors that make me chuckle from their clever compilations - Bill Bryson, David Sedaris. Some that leave me in wonder - Hyrum Andrus.

I am going to recommend a book. Probably one of my favorites - at least top 10 but one of the clearest books solely based on the craft of writing. Don't judge the author:

Yeah - that is Stephen King. Creator of some pretty scary stuff. However, he is the creator of some pretty great stories like - The Shawshank Redemption. Trust me, he has a gift - but a lot of the time he uses it for horror. But one book in particular was so fascinating. I loved it. I have owned probably 6 copies and lend them out, never to come back. But I know I could buy it again:
With On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft - you see who Stephen King is - where he gets his ideas, his flaws, his inspiration and most importantly the craft that he loves. Spoken so clearly you wish he wrote more books that didn't leave you with nightmares.

What is your reading love?

PS - there is some language in this book. Just have to give that disclaimer.


The Pingels said...

Love you times a zillion! I haven't checked your blog for a few days, and MAN you've got all kinds of good stuff on here! I'm a huge fan of the book post, though, as I'm an avid reader and collector of books, myself. (Journalism major... word nerd... call me what you will.) I'm obsessed with C.S. Lewis (the non-fiction books), Stephen R. Covey, and then a few randoms... White Oleander by Janet Fitch... and whatever books about writing I can get my hands on. This is why I'm super-dee-duper stoked about this Stephen King book. Thanks for the heads-up!


Tasha said...

Nikki, I found your site from Misha's. I Love books, I hoard them. I think I have every book from when I was a child. When we move, which is often. I fill up 7 bins of books. They are my addiction!