Saturday, February 9, 2008

One Fine Day

Tim and Heather & Co. came to visit one afternoon (along with Casey and Lexi) and for a brief moment, our little home was full! I quickly realized that I didn't really have any treats for the little people like crackers (is it weird I have not purchased crackers in about 5 years? I only eat them when other people have them). All I could offer up was some carrots and apples. Like a lame aunt who doesn't have kids :) What Aunt Nikki DID have was accessories for Kiki to play with and she was kind enough to pose for some pictures in my shoes and sunglasses. Which suited her perfectly. Kiki is such a girly girl. I rarely see her in pants. She prefers skirts. And even had a Skirt Party for her birthday. She is devoted to all things feminine.

I love this shot because it shows how big these shoes are on her little feet and I admired her walking skills in over-sized platforms.

I love her pose here. This was naturally how she put her feet when I told her I wanted to take some pictures.


Katie said...

So cute!

The last Unicorn said...

I have those shoes... Target right? I love them!

linds said...

She looks like a miny you!

Me in a Nut Shell (Literally)! said...

Nikki, Kiki and I LOVE these pictures and she says,
"I Love you Nikki!"
You are the best auntie!
Thanks for letting us wear your things...who said we needed crackers when you have great shoes!!
Kiki and her momma

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