Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Galaxy Quest

Sadly - this post has been a little tardy. Note to self - get better about updating blog. A few weeks ago, we were invited to a Galaxy game. Thanks Katie and Tanner! The most important part of this is that I actually saw David Beckham! With my own two eyes and the zoom lens on my camera. And then as I was talking Katie's poor ear off we saw Kobe Bryant too! I do like soccer but sadly I am one of those fans that doesn't know any team names, or players or anything. I pretty much watch the World Cup with a lot of enthusiasm (once every 4 years), am blindly loyal to F.C. Porto and know David Beckham is legendary like Pele. Despite my pathetic knowledge, we had fun and were glad we got to spend time with Katie, Tanner, Reese and baby Beck.

The man Kobe. He loves all sports.
Reese LOVED the camera. And understands the game better.

Beckham and his tattoo

The Nichols - Tanner, Katie, Reese, Beck

The Harris'

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Tanner said...

tanner just sent me the link and i love your blog. you got some great pics! we had so much fun, lets go again. fyi, the conversation was fab! -katie