Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quotes of the Day

While watching American Idol, these were our conversations:

Nikki: I don't think Simon likes to be in the spotlight. I think that Simon is actually a super nice person in real life.

Sara: I know - I bet he is. He seems like it. I don't think he likes the spotlight either.

Jenny: I met him last season, he was so nice. His girlfriend is so so nice. And I want to say that if I ever met Ryan Seacrest - I just know I would be one of his best friends.

Nikki and Sara: (laughing because the comment is so awesome/funny)

Lexi: I know - I think I would be best friends with Ryan Seacrest too!!! And Justin Timberlake, I just know that we would be friends. His favorite ice cream is mint n chip - my favorite ice cream is mint n chip too!

Okay - besides the fact that this was a very fun conversation, I am glad the girls were over because Darren is gone again on a business trip.

Does anyone else out there have a believe that they would be best friends with a celebrity?


linds said...

I used to be obsessed with Jennifer Aniston and I thought for sure if we ever met I would be her BFF! Now I sort of think she's lame. To be honest, I only really liked her for her hair.

CoCo said...

Mandy Moore keeps calling me and telling me we should hang out or grab lunch ... maybe I should make time for her - she seems like someone with whom I'd want to be friends. :)

Misha said...

That is so funny!!! I am pretty sure Michael Johns and I are great friends. I yelled at Adam when he went home because he was talking to me and I could not vote to save him. Oh Michael, you were wronged!!!!! Plus, if brooke white crys one more time on that show, she is off my good list. My voting patience can only go so far, even for a mesa girl.

kristy said...

i would love to be bff's with jennifer garner. i saw her on a photo shoot in hawaii and she was so nice... then when she made cupcakes with martha stewart, i knew it. we'd be best friends! and violet and rowan could get married one day... (sigh)

Katie said...

Its so funny you mention that because I'm a huge "The Hills" fan, and sometimes I feel like I know Lauren Conrad personally!