Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Summer Secret

I am willing to share it but it is hands down the easiest way to make Corn on the Cob. Why is it easy? No boiling water. It is easy peasy and I got it from that weather man in SLC. Don't even know his name. All I remember is this valuable tip. Valuable for a few reasons. 1) it is ridiculously fast. 2) it is ridiculously good.

Corn on the Cob
By - the old weather guy in SLC

Take a few ears of corn. Make sure you buy corn with the husks. You want to make sure you do not shuck the corn.

Put the ears of corn in the microwave. I was even so lazy, mine still had the plastic bag from the grocery store.

Microwave for 5-6 minutes.

Wait a few minutes before you start to shuck the corn because it is pretty hot. Discard leaves, silk and your corn is ready to be slathered with butter, salt and pepper.

Why this works - the leaves and silk work as a natural barrier for the corn to steam itself. All you need is heat. Can it work if you bbq it this way or just throw it on an open fire? I am sure it would work. I just don't have a lot of open fires around my house and it is faster to microwave it. :)

You can thank me later :) Enjoy.


Team Caldwell said...

you can throw it whole on the grill but it takes quite a while but it is freakin tasty y'all!

Katie said...

Yummmy, I love corn! I think my favorite is boiling it in salt water from the ocean while having a bonfire. It's the best!

k8 said...

you can wrap it shucked in a wet paper towel and microwave it as well. i think i ate corn on the cob every SINGLE day last summer after discovering this trick.