Monday, August 25, 2008

Silent Auction

Stephanie and Christian Nielson

My sister-in-laws are hosting a silent auction tonight to benefit Stephanie and Christian Nielson of Mesa, AZ.  Stephanie is the author of the blog,

They are the parents of 4 young children. Last week they were in a plane accident where they sustained severe burns over most of their bodies. They are in the hospital in critical condition and are expected to go through months and years of skin graft surgeries and rehabilitation.

I have come across Stephanie's blog in the past and was always so impressed with her style and love for her children and life. 

We don't know Stephanie and Christian, but we want to help.  The details of their accident can be found here. As of right now, their family is caring for their children during their long road to recovery, which you can read about here.  

My sister-in-law Stephanie Waite is hosting a silent auction on her site for a Kazuri bead necklace. All of the proceeds will go family. Our family was incredibly blessed by strangers in our time of need. We want to help others if we can.  

If you can, please help us bless this family in during this dark time. Most importantly, please remember them in your prayers. 


Greg and Chelsea Spilsbury said...

Thanks for posting this nikki, ill passalong the news on my blog about the silent auction!

Babbi's World said...

I heard about this :/ it's a great thing ur doing.

michelle said...

My prayers are with the family. And I will check the links out. I will see what we can do to help out as well. Hi Nikki. Its your cousin Michelle Burdick LeRoy (my dad is Quinn and grandma is Nathel). I really miss seeing all my cousins. Haven't been to the reunion in a long time. Need to keep in contact with family and love blogs. I'm making my blog PRIVATE soon. Please send me your email.
Love, Michelle