Saturday, September 6, 2008

Birthday Boy

Here he is in all of his glory. 

Today is Darren's birthday. I felt a little bit of pressure because last year we were here:

No, that is not the zoo. We were in Kenya on safari in the Mara. Last year all Darren wanted for his birthday was to see a leopard. 

Needless to say, a trip to Africa was hard to follow but I think I was able to make a big impression with a little crepe paper, a custom birthday hat and a birthday banner:

This is how our day went. Woke up and made Darren oatmeal pancakes with buttermilk syrup. We did a little church service by knocking on doors for Proposition 8. Then we were destroyed in a tennis game by Casey and Lexi.  Our beating was followed by lunch at Fiesta Grill. Then we settled down and watched the BYU game and finally dinner at Houstons. (Which has the best ribs and hamburgers I have ever tasted!!! Two words - California Burger.)

All in all the perfect day spent doing things that Darren loves. And because he is 31 this year, I will list 31 things that I love about Darren.

1) How sweet he is
2) He is a great cook
3) He is a great example
4) He will watch chick flicks with me (sometimes without me, he watched Enchanted when I wasn't around).
5) I love his sense of style
6) I love his spiritual side
7) I appreciate how hard he works at EVERYTHING
8) I love that he helps out around the house
9) I love how smart he is
10) His tie collection (it is truly amazing)
11) How I can laugh with him all the time.
12) How hard he tries to do what is right
13) How he loves to travel
14) I love how shamelessly he likes me to scratch his back
15) I love how he never gets angry (at least at me)
16) I love how he loves to travel so much he is always planning trips
17) I love how much he loves wearing free t-shirts
18) I love how supportive he is
19) I love that he is the person I want to talk to the most
20)I love that he is obsessed with college football and basketball
21) I love that he is a great athlete (sometimes I don't like the fact that he runs a lot faster than me though)
22) I love how he is always wanting to surprise me. 
23) I love how much he wants to cuddle with me
24) I love his family
25) I love that he loves my family
26) I love his example
27) I love how he helps me simplify things
28) I love how generous he is with everyone
29) I love how willingly he does his callings at church
30) I love how he is a night owl.
31) I love him and am so grateful to spend my life with him. 

I love you Darren!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Darren! Gosh, I haven't talked to you in forever Nikki! We need to get caught up...the least you can do is leave a comment on my blog every once in awhile ;-) Miss ya!

kentandnellie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Darren and thank you Nikki for inspiring the birthday reasons for loving your husband. Kent's birthday was yesterday and I loved the list idea so much I had to incorporate it myself. I only had to think of 28 though. Kent's a young'n.