Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Changes for Lexi

Lexi - you get your own post about how I finally connected you to my blog.  I regularly check her blog through bloglines, but she pointed out that there was no direct link to her blog.

This has been fixed. A nice new feature is the family section.  (Lexi - being a sister - you are in the family section).  Let me say how happy I am to have a sister live so close. But since I am older, there is this nagging feeling that I should do all within my power to tease her! Thus the title :) 

I would like to give a shout out to a few newcomers in the blogging world. Welcome Nellie and Angela! You may notice that I typically list all couples with the girl's name first. This is for a few reasons.

1) The girls are typically the ones who actually post on the blog (excepting a few like Kent, Tim, Ryan). 

Okay I lied. That is the only reason. 


Alison said...

Hey Nikki! Love to find new blogs! Thanks to Nellie!

Darcy and Adam said...

dear nikki... I am also not linked on your blog. *sniff, sniff* :) Miss you guys.

Lexi Brown Patterson said...

FINALLY!!!!! Thanks for the personal post and shout out. As the younger spoiled sister, I take all teasing as signs of love, admiration, and jealousy that you are not as cool as me. So bring it on.

PS. I like living by you too, I guess.

kentandnellie said...

Thanks for the welcome, Nikki! Now I understand why blogging and blog stalking are addictive. I think I have to start putting time limits on myself. How am I supposed to work between facebook, blogging and gchat?