Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Newest Dad Development

Let me give you the latest Dad update:

He finished his radiation about 2 weeks ago. Over the last few weeks, he has suffered a few set-backs unrelated to his multiple myeloma (ie- broken ribs, yeast infection in the throat) but we were hopeful that he would return to the joke-telling, easy going, paperback-book-reading Grandpa Brown in no time.

We moved Dad to his  new room downstairs (which looks great!) and due to fantastic organization on our sisters' part, helping Dad with his medications is a breeze. He has a new flat screen TV, a padded reclining glider, a mini fridge and a fancy smancy new hospital bed to make him comfortable. THe best environment for a recovery and the best way to keep Dad away from the stairs :) 

However, recovery has been slower than expected. His tumors have shrunk, but he developed a blood clot in his calf and in his lung over the weekend. His appetite has decreased, and it is still difficult for him to take a deep breath (not because of his tumor but because of his broken ribs). 

Our newest development? Today Dad checked into the hospital with a bout of pneumonia. The pneumonia is affecting the upper part of his lungs and he needs IV anti-biotic-therapy but he is expected to be home by the weekend. We are hoping there will be no additional complications and a special thanks to Misha who waited at the hospital for 5 hours until they managed to find a vein to give Dad his antibiotics. 5 hours? What type of needle were they using? A straw from McDonalds? Thank you Misha!!! 


Briana Walker said...

oh my heart goes out to your dad and the 5 hours of getting poked. getting poked as much as i do i completely micromanage having my blood taken. i know the sizes of the needles and i always request the smallest one available. i have great veins so they will have no problem using it. they just like using the big needles because it is faster. for the smaller needle it is worth the wait.


Hey Nikki. Thanks for the updates on your dad. They are so well written. Instead of trying to relay them to my mom, I just go over to he house and let her read them on her computer! I also have a favor to ask. Could you please do a little post on your blog for me? Jarrett's cousin Callie Butler was ran over by a car a few weeks ago and We are trying to drum up donations for a benefit yard sale for her. The blog site is kissesforcallie.blogspot.com We are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible, so please pass it on! Thanks!