Saturday, February 7, 2009

Update Challenge

Darren and I went on a little date tonight. We started at Barnes and Noble (who doesn't love that place?) and meandered over to Cheesecake Factory. I leave the Cheesecake Factory always thinking - why, why, why are there so many things to choose from? And why are their portions so big? We usually order two appetizers for dinner - which is plenty big. 
I promise I'm getting to a point. We are leaving the Cheesecake Factory when we run into my friend Ali. She had met up with a group of friends and was walking back to her car with her roommate. I have not seen Ali in FOREVER and said as much - but then followed up with this embarrassing statement - "It's okay - I look at your blog all the time - I always know what is going on." (Which is true - could I be the laziest friend ever?). Then she replied - "I look at your blog too but you don't update it very often." She spoke nothing but the truth - why on earth don't I blog more? It isn't from a lack of having something to say, I always have something to say. Hmmm. 
So here is my own challenge (can I make my own challenges?) I am going to update my blog at least once a week. Once a week, I will religiously update the Harris Happenings (even if there isn't a lot happening). 
But right now - it's Saturday night. It's raining outside and I just want to cuddle up with this guy:



The last Unicorn said...

I am glad you have found new inspiration to keep your blog updated. Mine is usually when I cook something new, which isn't all that often. By the way... I love Ali!

Angela Baird said...

I haven't checked-up on your blog for a to catch up! We just went to St. George last weekend, and were remembering our fun time at the cabin last year as we were driving past all the Brian Head guys are awesome! Hope all is well!

Amanda said...

I miss you! That Valentine cracked me up...we are not too big into v-day either...too commercial? Although Ty really loved it this year and probably ate enough candy to rot his teeth forever.

Ali B. said...

That's what i am talking about! Keep at it!