Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Things I am thankful for this morning - in no particular order:

1) Modern medicine
2) NICU nurses that watch over baby Henry
3) Nurses that tend baby Lily so Mommy & Daddy can sleep
4) Pain medicine
5) Crunchy ice
6) An early morning shower
7) Whole wheat bread and honey
8) Family - all sorts - brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents. Especially thankful for the photographer sister in laws :) thanks ladies!!!!
9) Aunt Lesli - who was Lily's first babysitter and who has fierce skills when it comes to burping babies.
10) Baby Lillian and baby Henry Robert - they are truly so much fun. Will post details of them later - but we are over the moon in love with these little guys!

I only have a picture of Lillian right now on my phone. Baby Henry is in the NICU. Will post photos soon!

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Whitny said...

Oh oh oh. Lilly and Henry. Do you know how many boys that name ran through. I wanted to name one Henry so so bad. It is a great name. Will you call him Hank. Thats what i was going to do. So so fun.
I am thrilled for you both. Babies are HERE!

salt lake city slickers said...

ahh!! so exciting, congrats!

R and R said...

Congrats and what cute names. Glad everything went well.

s g said...

welcome lily and henry, what adorable names and babies, so glad everything went well and I can hardly wait to see more shots from e and lesli, lucky you! rest up and take full advantage of the nurses and all the help!!!

The last Unicorn said...

CONGRATS HARRIS FAMILY! I cant wait to see more pics :)

Dani said...

congrats! yay! chelsea had her baby today:)

Kristen said...

oh congratulations nikki i am sooooooooooo happy for you!!! it's so awesome you went so far in a pregnancey w/ twins. we miss you guys. post more picturs soon and say hi to darren and the babies!!!

Ryan and Bethany said...

Hurray the twins are here! I can't wait to hear more news.