Monday, April 12, 2010

The Waiting Game

Today I am 37.5 weeks pregnant with twins. I say this because it was "safe" to have the babies at 36 weeks. And here we are. Almost a week and a half later. I say we because Darren is on "HIGH ALERT" with his cell phone. Although April Fools has past, I call him probably once a day to tell him to head to the hospital to meet our babies - just to keep him on his toes. The bags are packed (mine and the babies' bag). I have my OB's cell phone number with the instruction - "if you feel labor pains call me and head to the hospital, no need to wait." Yet here we are - waiting.

I took this picture last week, these are Darren's hands on my belly (the belly is actually larger than it appears). I have a few pictures just to document. And let it be known, I do NOT look good in some of these photos. The rest of my body is not growing - but my belly is. I refuse to photoshop pregnancy pictures (by photoshop - I am referring to people who would alter their pregnancy pics to look a little more slim - shame on you!). I don't photoshop because this is the one time in our lives, it is pretty socially acceptable to put on weight. And at a certain point in life - you really just need to own it. So here I am - owning the belly and the tired face that comes with it.

35 Weeks
I see this picture and think - I should probably put on makeup. Or do my hair, but when you have a 10 lb bowling ball in your abdomen, you pretty much lose the desire to do much besides get dressed. You just stick to the basics.

36 Weeks
If at all possible - I look worse at 36 weeks than at 37. How did that happen? I was smiling but I have the puffy face, no make-up and it was late at night but I had procrastinated this picture, so I had Lexi take it quickly. Then we laughed really hard when we looked at it. I might look a little pathetic. The belly however is quite impressive. And about a week bigger :)

37 Weeks
This is the most recent picture. This was a great day. I slept in. Took a nap. Then ate food. Took another nap and still was on track for going to bed at a decent hour. Please notice how the belly has gotten bigger - if possible. And still WITHOUT stretch marks. I have a c-section scheduled on April 19th and it is a waiting game. What is going to show up first - the stretch marks or the babies? Only time will tell.

The doctor estimates that each baby is about 6.5 lbs but those numbers could be off by a pound. It made me a little sad because I was hoping each baby was at least 15 lbs each - to compensate for some of this weight gain. Right? Just kidding. However, I went to the doctor this week and I LOST 5lbs!!!! What? This is mainly because I have been diligent about my support hose and wrapping my feet at night. All water weight but hey - I will take any victory:)

This is my HOPE list this week:

1) I hope my babies can grow as much as possible, so they get here safely and can avoid a stay in the NICU.

2) I hope that they are healthy - don't care how much weight that it - I just hope their bodies are developed to what they need to be. I am hoping for very very strong lungs.

3) I hope I stop snoring after the babies are born so my husband can sleep in the same bed as me. He always starts out there but once I fall asleep - he migrates to the couch. (Sad truth - some people have VERY congested sinuses throughout their pregnancy - I am such a person). On the weekend, he naps as well because he is a light sleeper and I know I snore loud. Here is a picture of him napping the other day. Since he doesn't like his picture taken, I had to sneak up as if I was a wildlife photographer. It is not easy to sneak with a big belly.

4) I hope there are no complications with the c-section. I am hoping it is a smooth as my pregnancy. For that matter, I hope that the first few months of motherhood will be like my pregnancy. (This is a hope list - I am aware that some of these things might not happen).

5) And last and this one is not that important - it is quite vain. I hope that I can fit into my regular clothes within the year. I'd really hate to buy a new wardrobe. I really liked the clothes I had. But like I said - this is really not an important hope item. That's why I listed it LAST. I just got a double BOB stroller to help facilitate my return to my wardrobe and transport these little ones with ease.

Darren and I are just curious as to what their little personalities will be. Baby Boy has stubbornly remained in the transverse breech position for the last few months. Since he is baby A (the baby who comes out first), he is the one who calls the shots in the delivery. Some might think it would be a doctor but that is not the case. I wonder if this is an indication of a stubborn personality? Baby girl however, has been very flexible. She initially moved to the correct position (vertex) and then followed her brother's example and is now currently transverse breech as well. So maybe we will have a sweet baby and a sassy baby? I'll let everyone know if a few months. Once I get a better feel on our babes and parenthood. :)


kristy said...

Oh nikki!! first of all, you are making me cringe thinking about the "uncomfortables" of the end of pregnancy, and I only bore ONE child at a time! You do look so happy and READY... I'm glad you are still laughing and sneaking up "wildlife" style to snap pixs of your sleepy hubby... after the babies come, he'll make a permanent stay there probably. Mark slept in our office on a twin mattress on the floor for about the first 8 weeks of all our babies... I'm on pins and needles with you, awaiting your big news! and I can't wait to see you and meet these sassy and sweet babies :) love you!

Cat Lyon said...

Nikki, I'm so so excited for you guys! I can't believe how much bigger your belly has gotten each week! I hope all great things for you as well. Keep me posted on how I can help! xoxo

Christy said...

I love that picture with Darren's hands on your belly. It is so sweet! You look FABULOUS for having TWO healthy babies in there. I'm so sad we never made it to Cali to see you in all your prego glory. Hopefully we will be out there soon to see the little ones in person. Sorry we haven't been able to have an actual conversation lately. Phone tag is just too exciting. Miss you girl. Good luck with everything coming your way SOON!

CherstynandMatt said...

You're beautiful, Nikki - and as I read your posts I am reminded more and more that you're beautiful inside and out (and are a great writer!). Our prayers are with your growing family. Know we love ya.
~Cherstyn (and Matt!)

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