Monday, October 11, 2010


I think Henry needs a post all on his own. His time is so shared with his sister. And because he typically is our mellow guy - he is usually the last one to bathe, feed and be changed. So the other morning, I had some Hank time. He was the little person that I picked up first. Changed first, fed first, tickled first.

He is so fun to have in our home. He is a bit more physical than his sister. He can turn onto his back and then flip around onto his stomach (his newest trick - as of Sunday - 10/10/10!). He LOVES the jumperoo. If you are holding him, he is probably trying to jump as if he is still in the jumperoo.

Another trick of his is removing the pacifier and trying to get it back into his mouth. He gets it back in about half the time. He isn't too great at eating rice cereal - it mostly comes back out. But he does have a big appetite. Most of the time he is not mad unless he is hungry or has a bubble.

My favorite thing these twinkies do is laugh at each other - I'll post video soon. But they basically just look at eat other and start laughing. REALLY hard. I'm kind of jealous I am not privy to their secret.

During my time with Henry - he managed to experience a blow out. Thanks buddy. I think he might look guilty in this photo.

*Update - right after I wrote this post, I gave Henry his last feeding of the night. Burped him and changed his diaper when he did a new trick - he peed all over me! This has never happened before. Or maybe I was previously a bit more careful. Thanks baby. :)


sara said...

he is so adorable! love the b&w's.

Corinne said...

Love reading about your cute babies. You take such great photos! You're very talented.

The last Unicorn said...

I cant believe this is the first time he peed on you!!! Lucky.

Kristen said...

omg luke used to pee all over me all the time!!! drove me crazy! here's to little boys with leaky faucets. . :)