Saturday, September 25, 2010


When Daddy comes home is everyone's favorite time of day. Especially for Mommy, but it has been so fun to watch Darren interact with our babies. I think they are awfully tired of me by the end of the day.

I love this picture of Darren and Lily. It is a bit grainy but I love the subjects. Lily looks like she is telling Darren about her long day of naps, diaper changes, feedings and walks. She has it pretty good.

This picture is not clear and dark and grainy because Hanky is usually not happy and still at the same time (and Mommy had a really dark room, high ISO, low shutter speed and a moving target - we did our best). But I am using it to illustrate his exhilaration when Daddy plays with him.

Then when I want to get a picture of them together, he throws attitude like this: "I guess I'll tolerate him holding me."

Here Darren is entertaining the babies while I try to get smiles from them. He is my best helper because they will always give him their undivided attention.

I am serious when I say that everyone in our little family is happier when Daddy is home. We love you Daddy!


Becca said...

Nick Brown, Loved seeing you and those babes last week! Too cute!

Amanda said...

Our favorite part of the day is when daddy comes home too! I don't think I could handle it if Theron worked insane hours because if he isn't home by 6:00 I am calling him! I love those little babies and their smiles. They are too cute for words.

Whitny said...

Oh I love the pictures. The first one is fab. It doesn't look that grainy to me. and hey when you need to take a picture you just have to bite the bullet.
Darren. What a great daddy he is. Send the babies and your Hubbs our love.

Artsdeco said...
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