Thursday, September 23, 2010


5 months? My babies are 5 months? Dear babies - please stop growing. I am going to do a photoshoot tomorrow but I was playing around in their bedroom today in the nice morning light. Here are a few pictures just to show you how fun my babies are despite their ear infections.

Here is our little Silly Lily. She gives us this enormous grin most days. But every once in a while we get this really surprised/confused face.

Hanky - He wasn't as smiley. Poor guy. Most of his shots were very serious. He was a tad grumpy this morning but I'll forgive him for many reasons. One of them being that his cheeks rest on his chest/shoulders. It just looks fabulous!

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kentandnellie said...

Aaa...they are so dang cute! Such great shots too. Love those little faces you captured.