Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beach Day!

We were technically at the beach for 2 hours, so it really wasn't a beach day. This is not the babies first time to the beach, but this is the first time Mommy let them thrash their feet about in the sand. By the time we left (it was a bit of production even getting there) the babies were exhausted and took a long long nap. Which means Mommy and Daddy REALLY love beach days. It was also a good chance for Mommy to practice her metering and exposure. Which in super bright light - is REALLY hard. That is why some pictures seem a bit blown out - but the subjects are so cute - that I just don't care. It has been good for me to dust off the notes from my photography class and start looking at my babies again. I am becoming reacquainted with my camera. I hope we have a long long relationship.

I love their beach feet. They look like churros toes.



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Geoffrey said...

What cute babies! Sometimes pictures are the best, because they remind you that occasionally the kids DON'T cry, DON'T make a mess, and ARE happy to see you.