Saturday, October 30, 2010

The pumpkin patch and Halloween

True confession - I have never been to a pumpkin patch. I didn't go as a kid and as an adult - if I want a pumpkin I drive to the nearest Trader Joe's and purchase one. But now that I can take ridiculous pics of my kiddos - we went! I didn't even buy a pumpkin there. But it was fun to walk around. Darren and I were really risky because our kids were on the verge of melting down because we went right when Darren got home - which is their bedtime. However - they did pretty well for how tired they were.

Mommy and Lily

Lily being very patient as Mommy forces her to take silly pictures. (Can you tell how red her eyes are? It is a combination of tiredness and the beginning of a cold.)

Hanky took the photo only with his pacifier in.

Daddy and Hanky - there wasn't much for us to do. I think everyone will enjoy it a bit more when we can do pony rides or participate in the petting zoo. Right now we basically just looked at pumpkins.

Here is our little family:

On to Halloween.

I have determined that Halloween is a thousand times more fun when you get to dress up little kids. And maybe draw a moustache on one of them. Henry really didn't want me drawing on him - so his facial hair is slightly crooked - but it was worth it. He looks so devilish!

Here we are at the ward trunk or treat. Our little devil and our little angle had a very very fun time celebrating their first Halloween.


kristy said...

you guys look darling!!! I LOVE your costumes. And yes, pumpkin patch is definitely more fun when they ride the ponies and run around till they get lost... but enjoy the time you have when they will cuddle up in the bjorns and be sweet. I miss that. LOVE you, so glad to see you for dinner that time. It was the best!

Hilarry said...

You guys are so cute! Love the costumes :)

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