Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 - Goals to Align

Yeah, it rhymes, I may have stolen it from my friend Corey. This new year will mean a new list of goals I would like to accomplish. I took a few items off the list such as, "fit into a size 4." This has not happened since junior high and won't happen without surgery and an eating disorder, so I am going for something a little more realistic. 

1) Run another half marathon.
I am not sure how many half marathons I have ran but I really love them. The full marathon is too hard on my knees but a half is fun and good to train for. 

2) Olympic distance triathlon
The last one I competed in was a sprint, I would like to compete in something a little longer. And closer to home this time.

3) Learn Spanish
 NO, really learn Spanish. I have tried to learn it without classes but I do need more structure. Darren, or Senor Harris has agreed to be my profesor so I can understand more at church. 

4) NO SODA FOR A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is in all caps for a reason. I LOVE soda. Love, love love it. But I feel that we need to part ways for about a year. That and Darren bet me that I could not go without soda for a year. There may be a monetary reward with this bet.  This includes all soda - even root beer floats. (his rule, not mine). The only thing I can have is an occasional sparkling water. I have survived 20 days so far, I'll be fine. Just 345 days to go. 

5) De-clutter my home
I am throwing a  lot of things away. Trying to simplify. (Might need to find a focus word for 2009 like Elizabeth, will think about that one). 

6) Photography  
I don't want to be a photographer for hire but if I am going to take a picture, I would like it to be a good one. Darren and I work a lot - so there isn't a lot to take pictures of but maybe when we slow down? (Have a suspicion that life never really does slow down - no matter what stage). Sign up for classes, learn to use photoshop.

7) Learn how to reupholster
-Random but I have always wanted to know how to do it. Would love to take a class. 

8) Slow down
One of my greatest challenges. I always seem to be multitasking. Which doesn't always translate into getting a lot done. It mostly gets a lot of things halfway done. 

9) Travel Somewhere New
I love going to new places, almost as much as I love going to familiar places. This year I would like to travel more within the mainland USA. But if the opportunity came to go to a new foreign location - I would be okay with that!

10) Family time
Spend more time with family. It lifts my spirits. I love spending time with people who play a constant role in our lives. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, cousins - these are relationships that exist no matter where a person lives or what choices they make - family is a constant. 

11) Spiritual Health
This has been a tough one for me this past year. Since we have been married it has been much harder to find spiritual fulfillment. Not because of marriage - which has been wonderful but because of the language barrier that I experience at church. It takes a lot of effort just to understand a prayer and sometimes I find that I go through 3 hours of church hardly understanding a thing, which is frustrating. This is one of the reasons I want to learn Spanish but I also want to find other ways in which I can grow spiritually by studying, temple attendance and more service to the members of the branch. 

Whew. Goals that are attainable - I like it. It will help me put my year in perspective. I have a feeling oh-nine is going to be an adventure!


Ryan and Bethany said...

Great Goals. Maybe I should set some. . . First goal for 2009: Set some goals. :-)

kentandnellie said...

Those are some awesome goals. I'm sure you'll be able to accomplish all of them. I'll practice Spanish with you any day (I need help too)and any time you need to put some family time in, Kent and I would love to join you at Disneyland. Especially, if we get that bread pudding!

Amanda said...

I love your goals - most of them are things I would like to accomplish as well. It makes me wish we lived closer because I'm sure we would be great friends - too bad I only get to see you occasionally, like a few minutes a year. At least I can get to know you through your blog. Do you guys ever come to Texas to visit Stephen?

CoCo said...

There's the Havasu Half on Saturday, April 4, and I've had my eye on it. I'm tempted, and would be more tempted if there was a partner in crime. Taker?

P.S. thanks for the shout-out!
Funny b/c I was thinking today that my theme for the year is going to be "Streamline in 09". I might even get a t-shirt.