Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year, New Neighbors

This new year has brought many things, I now have to remember to write 2009 on checks (very difficult task). But the nicest surprise are these new neighbors:

Lexi and Casey moved in right across from us! I could creepily look into their living room from my kitchen. Luckily, we are both rather private and keep our blinds closed. The benefits of having a sister live this close is always having a friend to bug. She is forced to love me regardless of how much I visit her. And truthfully we don't see each other as much as you would suppose. I think there was a 2 day stretch where I didn't see her at all - which is pretty amazing, seeing how our front doors are about 15 feet away. It is comfortable and nice to have her and Casey live so closely. 

The new year always makes me think of new goals that I want to accomplish. But that is a whole post on its own. 

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Lexi Brown Patterson said...

Booyah! Thanks for the shout out! We're happy to be so close too.

Your awesome neighbor