Thursday, January 17, 2008

Election Fun - Who do you agree with more?

I know I have been a slacker for not keeping this thing regularly updated but I feel that I have a few good reasons.

1) I have a very busy schedule reading other blogs. Some call it blog stalking, I call it keeping in touch with people I don't know.

2) I have been OBSESSED with the upcoming election. I could watch the news for hours every night. Love Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck - can you guess what side I'm on?

My friend Aubrey recently sent me a link to this site:

Select a Candidate 2008

It helps you select your candidate depending on your answers to a few simple questions.

My scores were as follows:

1) Duncan Hunter (50%) - that is surprising, seeing how this guy is NEVER mentioned in the news, but maybe he should be?

2) Mitt Romney (41%) - Not a surprise there. But I do disagree with him on Iraq, immigration and gun control (according to the results).

Fred Thompson, Rudy Guiliani, and John McCain (in that order) are next and get this - Hillary Clinton scored above that clown Mike Huckabee. It's a sad day when I would rather vote for Hillary Clinton than Mike Huckabee (which I would).

Have you registered to vote? If not, go to Rock the Vote website.

You have until my birthday - January 22nd to mail in your registration. Hopefully, I will have updated this blog at least once....

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Roz's Blog said...

Hey There,
I am a blog stalker too! anyways i went to register to vote cause of your posting and link, so you did assist one person out there to vote:) thanks for the link. See you around HB. Roz