Thursday, January 3, 2008

What do you get on your first Christmas? Snow.

Our first Christmas - we were fortunate to have it snowing the night before so it was beautiful.

Here is a picture of me and my sweetheart (the ones taken early Christmas morning are quite atrocious and therefore will not be posted):
But here is what it looked like on Christmas morning when we woke up - perfect, huh?


s & g said...

hey harris family...found your blog through lesli's..we were also in Utah enjoying a white Christmas...too bad we didn't know you were there too..Greg would have loved to hit up the slopes with big D! sounds like a fun holiday as newlyweds :)

sara gillespie

The last Unicorn said...

Looks like we are a bunch of blog stalkers! I found you on Ali's blog... it was good to see you on New Years Eve. We have to hang out more often. Happy New Year!

darcy fabulous said...

Hooray! New blog friends! I found you on Lindsey's blog. Hope life is fantastic for the Harris family... I just love you two :) Keep in touch!