Thursday, January 3, 2008

Home from the Holidays

We are home. After a great trip to Utah to see the Brown and Harris families - we are happy to be home. Sad to work again - we are still hoping to have that independently wealthy lifestyle. In about 30 years :) We have a lot of work to do. Here is the holidays summed up:

Party at Jacque's beautiful new house - 10 of the 11 siblings were present. Lots of Mexican food, soda, Santa and the Nativity Scene. Thanks for letting us use your house Jax!

Here are the little people gathered around for Santa:
I love the look on my niece Madeline's face:

My niece Arden is adorable, but not really paying attention:

Debbie (sister), Johnny (brother) and Darren (devoted husband) are enjoying the show:

Here is my niece Libby on Santa's lap. I love how her hand is buried in his beard.
My nephew Ezekiel was wanting his Dad (brother Johnny) really bad, here is his sad face:
Here are almost all of the Brown women (we are missing one) and I am sorry Jacque - your face is totally hidden!
This is about as organized as it gets with little people doing the Nativity scene.

We left feeling full from all of the fabulous Mexican food - posole, tamales (wrapped in banana leaves - so amazing!), 3 different types of salsa and of course - beans and tortillas. We were tired, full, and exhausted - the by-products of an amazing party! Thanks Browns...


Katie said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! We just got back from AZ today. We had a great break! Sorry I didn't get back to you while I was in CA, that day my phone got NO reception the entire day!

Kristen said...

It all looks soooooooo fun!!! the first Christmas married is such a fun time! We miss you guys!!!