Friday, January 18, 2008

A Family Tree

While in the midst of my daily blogstalking, I went to one of my favorite sites - design mom. Her guest Leslie was talking about family trees and showed some pictures of a family tree like this one.
I love, love, love this design! My sister in law, Elizabeth has a similar one in her entryway that makes me motivated to make one of my own. I mean, Darren and I just made our own little family, why not try documenting it? Then I remembered seeing this family tree on sale at Red EnvelopeI am not going to lie - this one looks a little bit easier to do than the 15 generation chart. My only worry is that there are not enough leaves and my penmanship is not what anyone would refer to as "pretty." Sigh. Can I pay someone to write for me?


linds said...

I have very good penmanship.

Jill said...

Want a small world moment? Here goes. You know me through AK. I am friends with Stephanie through our husbands. Stephanie is sisters with Leslie that guest blogged on Design Mom last week and I was at the park with her this very morning!

Random. But funny.

Morph This said...

I almost bought the family tree from red envelope! How funny.