Friday, May 22, 2009


Although 7-11 deserves a post of its own, 7-11 was part of my morning. I had a late night. Which translates into to a long morning. As I as trying to drag my booty out of bed to go running, I get this text from my sister,

"Manny from Ryan Secrest is at the 7-11 on Bushard and Garfield giving away AVP tickets and Amex gift cards! Go down there!"

There is something about a contest/anything associated with Ryan Secrest/ free stuff that can make me move quick. It is like a sport. Free stuff!?? At my 7-11 just down the street? Whaaat? So I threw on contacts, running clothes and a hat. Didn't brush the teeth or comb the hair - no time! Run out the door and jump in my car right behind our neighbor Baker (his wife Jenny is a Ryan fan/7-11 soul mate). We speed down there to see a lot of people with little slurpees. Manny was apologetic. 40 people made it before us. He consoled us with a free slurpee. Boo. I don't just leave the house like this for anyone.

It could be the first time 7-11 has ever let me down.

( no clue who owns that car, just took this from my car window as I drove away)


Angela Baird said...

so sad! Nothing like hurrying out the door for nothing! Fun to catch-up! And I want updates on Maui! Hope things keep going well?! Are you going to do St. George? Do you know where you will be staying? Keep us posted!

AK said...

I loved the 7-11 post and the pic too, but I am BLOWN away by the your list for the year. You haven't had a soda in 2009??!! Very impressive.

Darren and Nikki said...

Haha - I know - no soda. For anyone that knew me - no soda yet in 2009 is more impressive than me running a full marathon, curing cancer or getting pregnant! It is a tough challenge.

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