Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

We had a lovely weekend. Most of it was spent at the AVP tournament watching Casey and Ty rock the AVP - they placed 5th on Sunday morning and we couldn't be more proud of them. 

Sunday night - we (me, Sara, Corey, Baker, Darren, Jenny, Lexi, Casey) had a pasta party to prepare for our half marathon. A pasta party and sugar cookies - thank you Jenny!

Memorial Day morning we got up at 5:30am (on a holiday I might add), and prepared for our race. It was. So. Much. Fun. I saw my cousin Tiffany Brown at the race - we have cousin's everywhere! I found out from her Facebook status that she was running a half marathon in CA over the weekend, and it was the same race - what are the odds? Probably high - there are a lot of us :) It was so fun to see her and all of her cute friends. Thanks Facebook for the connection!

I didn't have a great time, so that won't be posted, but I will post Darren's. He did the half marathon in 1:35. He is so awesome. He was aiming for his previous time of 1:28, but maybe next time? 

After the race, we went to a ward picnic and then to Terminator Salvation - which I really liked.  But I like Christian Bale and the Terminator movies - so it was a great combination.  By about 7pm, the early morning was starting to catch up with me, so I was out by 9pm. Sad but true. 

Today I am a little sore (not bad) but glad we did the race.

Here is a picture of me and my cousin Tiffany - I stole it from Facebook. Luckily she is more organized than me and was taking pictures - I had no photographic proof I was even in the race! Thanks for the picture Tiffany!

To our Half Marathoners - Darren Harris, Corey Cooper, Baker Morphy, Adam Koch, Tiffany Brown and Co., Me, and Sara Spilsbury - thanks everyone for such a fun race - it was a great Memorial Day!


Ryan and Bethany said...

Congrats to both of you for doing that, what an accomplishment. Sounds like all is going well....Have a great week!

kristy said...

SO much fun, Nikki. I ran that race 2 years ago and LOVED it!!! Hilly, but really fun. I can't wait to run again!!! PS I am LOVING my dry shampoo. You are the BEST!!!!!!! Come visit, and hold a baby. I've got em in all sizes.

Tiffany said...

Nikki, that was so fun to see you! Really, what are the odds? You should be proud of running and finishing!! You are awesome!

Amanda said...

I knew a Sara Spilsbury at BYU. She was from Las Vegas, I think she went to Western but I am not positive, and she was my favorite person in my major - Biology Composite Teaching. She was there when I opened my mission call but I have not seen or talked to her since I got home from my mission. Could this be the same person that ran with you? If so, I would love to get a hold of her.
Good job on your run.