Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ellen Show

We are waiting for the Ellen Mother's Day show. I was lucky that Lexi invited me as her guest. However I should not have worn the loose fitting shirt because everyone keeps on asking how far along I am. If I am surrounded be 200 pregnant women, their fertility will rub off, right?

I will write later with a recap of the show. It is going to be so much fun!!!

Lexi - she is good to stand on line 7.5 months prego. Thanks for the invite Rexi!

Don't worry - we are VIP. No big deal!!!

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Team Caldwell said...

oh i am so jealous! hopefully you get some sweet stuff and get to do a little bump and grind with her!!! yipee

Ali B. said...

How fun! I am going next week. I am sure I don't get any great stuff. But, all I really want is to do the sumo wrestling. Chances of that are slim to none!