Saturday, May 23, 2009


The AVP is fun for a few reasons. It is a good reminder to lay off carbs - as we watch tall bikini clad women diving in the sand. And it reminds me that I really am not that tall. BUT the most important part has been watching my brother in law Casey play with his partner Ty. We spent the day at the beach - watching games and cheering. Lexi is literally getting a blister on her hand from all of the clapping. 

This weekend was the AVP tournament in Huntington Beach and it has been so much fun to watch. Casey and Ty have been playing so well.  This morning Casey and Ty beat Mayer/Nygaard which is the 3rd overall ranked team. It was a huge win. Casey and Ty are currently ranked 5th place in the HB tournament and will be playing for 3rd place tomorrow morning. If they win, they will have a place in the semi-finals! They had one loss today (it is a double elimination tournament) and it was against Dalhausser/Rogers -the gold medalists. That was a fun match to watch. Very exciting. 

All I can say is this - I am related to him!!!! Good luck tomorrow Casey!

Actually forgot my good camera today - this is a shot of Casey's jump serve at the Riverside tournament. 

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