Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Halfway Point

We are halfway through the year and this is how I am faring with my goals:

1) Half Marathon - Running another half marathon on Monday. Done and Done. Note: This will be a SLOW half marathon but 13.1 miles is 13.1 miles. 

2) Triathlon - Hmmm, so far, I haven't really progressed on this goal, but I might replace it with the St. George Marathon that Darren and I got into!!! Whoo-hoo!

3) Learn Spanish - Okay, I am actually doing really well in this department. Better than before. I can somewhat be understood (because I am surrounded by kind hearted women who understand why I am TRYING to say). But I can always improve. A lot. 
4) No Soda in 2009 - I am almost done with May and am happy to report I have not fallen off the wagon (though there have been some temptations). I do and always will love carbonation. I think it is a Hatch thing - all of that Mexican soda or something but it really really makes me happy. So 6 more months, I can survive and then I will get a HUGE big gulp to reward myself. 

5) De-clutter - This comes in waves. In some ways, i am way more organized. Not so much in other ways. I am getting a little more organized but the paperwork! Why is there always papers around? Ones that I can't throw away?

6) Photography - I haven't done much in this department. I am signed up for Wendy Schultz class but the assignments have not started yet. I need to take a photoshopping class BEFORE I get into Wendy's class. Hmmm, I might just need to bite the bullet and take another class. 

7) Reupholster -  I am actually looking at various thrift stores for such a chair. One I can recover. And not be bitter because I wasted a lot of money. It is a start. I am not finding a community class that has a 4 week course. That would be ideal. Not expensive and short. My kind of class. 

8) Slow down - This is a work in progress. I have been gradually just been letting things go. Oh well, they don't get done. That is hard for me to do. I try to do EVERYTHING. But lately I have been happy with things the way they are. And slowing down gives me more quality time with the man friend. I like that. 

9) Travel Somewhere New - Okay so we are going to Maui in 2 weeks. That is someplace new and it is like a foreign country because we have to go across an ocean to get there. Haha! I am so excited.  I think we are staying in the US for our travels this year. We are headed to Dallas and Austin in September (I have never been to Texas, sad but true). And there is talk about a New York City trip in the fall. So I can wear a cute coat and pretend I am a local. Not sure about foreign travels but Darren and I are always on the hunt for a new trip. 

10) Family time - I don't think I can make it to the reunions this year but I have been seeing a bit more of the family. I think an AZ trip needs to be on the horizon. See all of my peeps down there! But i have seen a lot of my family. In Utah, Vegas and California. And of course, I see Darren every night. It has been lovely. 

11) Spiritual Health - I think the thing that has helped the most in this department has been slowing down. It has been nice. Something that has helped has simply been not watching TV on some nights. Which is easier in the summer, I don't have as many shows. :) I feel like I am making progress. Temple, calling, personal, family. It has been a nice year. 

12) Piano - Due to a territory change, I haven't been able to take lessons, but I have been able to get a uber- simplified hymn book and practicing a few times a week on the keyboard that Stephanie and Jon lent us. I actually don't have to play for church because they called a lovely woman to come and help us. But it is nice just to practice reading the notes. It has been fun. 

See? I am making progress. Maybe not as much as I want in some areas but I still have 6 more months. 


s g said...

nikki...i am so impressed by such noble goals. i want to chat about taking wendy's class before you start...seeing that I just finished. Tell Darren to give me a call and then we can chat about wendy and I can talk to you about photoshop too. totally jealous about maui...but we'll see you in september in Dallas!

s g said...

oh yeah...that last comment was from greg ;)