Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lexi's Shower

This little gathering has taken up a chunk of my time! And it wasn't really that little for a few reasons:

1) there were a ton of people there

2) some of Lexi's volleyball friends were there and they were some of the prettiest/tallest girls ever

Here is a sneak peek:

Here is a special shout out to the ladies how helped put this thing on:

Jenny Morphy, Nicole Barnes, Linny Terry, Kalei Watt - thank you for the lovely house, food, helping set up, decorations and having to drive over a bunch of chairs!

And to the salad girls: Kay Jones, Beckie Imboden, Box-Morphy, Heather Warren, Nicole Barnes - you ladies were life-savers.

The party was a hit! Baby Cash can come anytime!!!

I will post more pictures later.

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Whitny said...

The table is so cute. I love the name for her baby. On facebook you said something about the Ellen Show. What happened.?