Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ellen Show Swag

The Ellen Show was so generous! Here is our swag:

- crib and mattress
- frigidaire dishwasher
- butler bag
- baby bjorn
- calendar necklace
- complete line of mrs. Meyers baby products
- infant car seat carrier
- zooni hat
- Chloe style baby booties
- baby blanket
- uppa baby stroller
- digital baby monitor
- digital camera
- $100 gift card to shutterfly
- 6 months diapers
- silicone bottles
- Dwell studios baby bedding

It was amazing!!! So happy to be invited. Thanks Lexi.

Here we are unloading our gear - most of it will mailed to us.

Our swag:

The best part is that as we were driving home, we found out that Stephanie is at the hospital ready to have her baby! Good luck Steph!!


Greg and Chelsea Spilsbury said...

Shut the h up. I'm am so jealous. No further comment.

Team Caldwell said...

that is seriously so unbelievable! so you got all that stuff too, right? now you have to get a baby nikki here to use it!

Katie Hatch said...

Way jealous! DId you and Lexi both get all that stuff? Man you're both set! We have to start from scratch again since we couldn't bring anything with us :(

Whitny said...

I second Chelsea. Hello. I can't believe it. Well you deserve it. I guess. How totally fun. Did you scream like the Oprah crowd does. I can't watch those shows anymore because of the screaming.